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Hey Girl!

I’m Ashley B. Chacon, and I'm a Life Coach on a mission to help ambitious women like you own her worth and go after her biggest dreams.

I also happen to love the beach, barre workouts, and kissing chubby baby cheeks--(but more on that later).

Like you, I’m an ambitious go-getter, driven to work hard,  and determined to excel at everything I do. However, for a long time I felt like I needed to achieve great things in order to prove that I was worth something.

I believed my works defined my worth.

I was a “chronic overachiever”  and my fear of mediocrity pushed me to be a top student, the best athlete, the ambitious career girl, and whatever else would make me “successful.”

My ambition for excellence led me to accomplishing some amazing things such as fluently learning a second language, spending 16 months traveling and volunteering in developing countries, and becoming the first in my family to graduate from college. However, I also failed---A LOT.

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Some of my most epic and painful failures were when:   

  • I got cut 3 times from the cheerleading team in high school

  • I missed my senior prom and grad party because of my struggle with depression

  • Became an emotional eater in college and gained an extra 15 pounds

  • My first job after I graduated college was in FAST FOOD (because I couldn’t get a job anywhere else)

  • I quit my job (once I finally had one) to live my dream of becoming an entrepreneur and then didn’t get any clients the first year


How could I believe or identify myself as a successful person, when I had all this personal evidence that I was a failure?

I hated to admit that I was still struggling with depression, but my serial sad days led to not being able to do much but cry under the covers, while my inner critic bullied me relentlessly.

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“Your best will never be good enough”

“If you disappeared tomorrow, who would even care?”

“The world wouldn’t miss you”

“You’ll never achieve your dreams, look how hard you’ve already tried”

“Real success only happens for other people”

“You’re such a failure”

I felt so heartbroken and worthless.

Deep down, I knew I was a child of God, but with that bully tearing me to pieces I couldn’t help but doubt and wonder:

Didn’t God have a plan for me? How could I impact the world? What was my purpose? Did I even have a purpose?

Self-doubt and fear ran the show for so long  because I didn’t know one simple truth:


When I discovered Brene Brown’s book  “Daring Greatly” I had the profound realization that I’d spent nearly my whole life hustling after my worthiness instead of claiming the worth that had been mine all along.

Despite my previous belief, my worth actually wasn’t dependent upon big achievements, a high GPA, making lots of money, getting thousands of social media followers, or losing all the weight.----and neither is yours.

“ You can either walk inside your story and own it, or you can stand outside your story and hustle after your worthiness”
— --Brene Brown

True worth comes from within...

And while that seems like common sense, it’s not common practice.

Most of us aren’t born knowing our worth is immeasurable, so we end up looking around us for external confirmation that we’re enough.

Unconditional worth is a lot like unconditional love---unchangeable.

I realized it’s just like the love I have for my little guy. He might keep me up at night, spit up in my hair, or stain my new favorite sweater, but there’s absolutely nothing he can do to make me love him less.

The principle is the same when applied to yourself. Even if you never lose the weight, never find the guy, or never hit 6-figures, I want you to remember---


Understanding this empowering truth has given me the freedom to overcome fear, pass through doubt, have the courage to pursue my dreams, and NOT take my failures personally. I can honestly say, I no longer view myself as a failure even as I continue to fail.

My life today, while not perfect, looks radically different. I’m no longer hustling after my self worth, or battling depression and crying spells.

I have an amazing job, a resilient mindset, and I’ve found the courage to work towards my most ambitious dream yet! My work is meaningful and makes me incredibly happy because I’m helping to inspire women like you to practice self-love and own their worth from the inside out.


And now its your turn

If you’re reading this right now, it’s because you’re meant to be here.

Everything you want is on the other side of fear, so hang on to those dreams pretty girl and remember,

Your life has a purpose, your dreams are possible, and you are ALREADY enough.

Always Cheering for You,


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