#11: How To Step Into Your Biggest Self and Create With Purpose with Casey Goodie


If you ever lip sang alongside Paula Abdul or thought you’d make a better judge than Simon, than you’re going to love this episode with former American Idol Star, turned content creator Casey Goodie.

Casey (aka Quigley) takes us behind the scenes of what is was like to be on Season 8 of American Idol and the path that led to creating the platform of positive influence she has today.

In this episode you’ll learn:

—Why dropping judgement is essential to stepping into the biggest version of yourself

—How identifying your purpose can help you get through a plateau and create massive growth

—Why letting go of the person you used to be is essential to embracing the person you’re meant to become

This interview was truly inspiring and packed full of great gems and gold nuggets. Quigley is out to change the online world, and she’s pioneering the way to a world of self acceptance and “soul”cial connection.

Tune into the show, and then let me know—what do you need to do to start showing up as your biggest self?

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