You’re here on this earth right now because the world needs YOU.

You might not believe that yet, but trust me, you have the power to change lives in a way that NO ONE else can. (Did you catch that? NO ONE).

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I know you have big dreams

However, you’re not making as much progress as you’d like because you worry:

What will people think of me?

What if I fail?

And what if I’m not good enough?

Before you can really make an impact on others, you have to master your own thoughts and beliefs. Confidence and self-worth isn’t a character trait, it’s a skill. And I can teach it to you.

If you’ve ever felt:

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  • You needed to lose more weight, make more money, or scale the corporate ladder to be worth something

  • You’re constantly comparing yourself to everyone else’s highlight reel on social media and feeling jealous because your life always seems to be lacking in some way

  • Bullied by your inner critic for your shortcomings, failures, and inadequacies

  • You were meant for something more, but don’t know what that “more” is yet

  • Fearful that maybe you don’t have a purpose or legacy to contribute to the world.

  • You seem to just be going through the motions, but you crave fulfillment and want to make an impact

  • Invisible, unimportant, not good enough, and maybe even SECRETLY wonder if anyone would miss you if you weren’t here?

Than Pretty Girl, my program was designed just for you!


Worth from Within is my signature 1:1 program that will teach you how to overcome your “what if I’m not good enough” fears, develop an empowering mindset, and get clear about who you are and how to achieve what you want most.

What would you do if you already FELT good enough? Maybe you would:

  • Start writing the book you’ve been dreaming about
  • Leave your number on the tab for that cute waiter
  • Confidently wear that bikini before you’ve lost the extra 10 pounds
  • Ask for a raise
  • Quit your job to stay home with the kids
  • Start your dream business
  • Travel the world

Just imagine the possibilities!

This program is designed to help you achieve your own definition of success by acknowledging your unwavering worth and mastering the most powerful asset you have: YOUR MIND.  

“Success is an inside job. If you want to achieve, you have to win the war in your thinking first. You can’t let the failure outside you, get inside you”
— John C. Maxwell

Your self-worth, confidence, and ability to achieve your goals is directly tied to what you think and believe about yourself. Until you uncover your story and limiting beliefs---you’ll continue to be the only thing standing between where you are right now and the extraordinary person you want to become.

My 12 week program is broken down into 3 core elements that make up the complete process of gaining confidence and claiming your self-worth : Self-Discovery, Self-Confidence, and Self-Love. Take a look at what we'll cover each week together:

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Self Discovery

Wk 1: Clarity and Self-Awareness

Wk 2: Your hopes, dreams, and desires

Wk 3: Your unique strengths and purpose

Wk 4: Implementation 


Wk 5: Uncovering your Empowering Truth

Wk 6: Controlling your thoughts and feelings

Wk 7: Mastering your Inner Critic & Judgement

Wk 8: Implementation


Wk 9: Healing your Body Image

Wk 10: Transforming your Money Story

Wk 11: Unconditional Love & Self Care

Wk 12: Implementation


Trust me, as a girl who used to always wonder if she was worth something, please hear me when I say: you are already enough, you already have great worth; all you need to do it CLAIM IT.

My program is designed to show you how.

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